Monday, April 20, 2009

day nineteen: anger appears

anger appears
in my rear view mirror
in that dirty pickup truck
tailgating me
for miles
he leans forward
eyes burning
words mouthed hard
steaming his windshield
making his truck swerve

speedometer says
i'm going six miles over
the speed limit
on this two-lane road
it's hard to pass
on the twisting curves

he's closer now
and i'm glad
i can't hear
what he's saying
he's obviously
angry at more
than just me

where is he going
in such a hurry
is it to a place
where all anger

passing zone resumes
he hits the gas
just missing my bumper
as he careens around my car
couldn't help
but glance to my left
and with teeth clenched
he flips me off
as he lurches forward
the sun catches
his bumper sticker
proclaiming angry words
maybe he thinks
with his bumper sticker
it's two against one
a fair fight

and i couldn't help
but laugh out loud
beside the
amusement factor
it makes me
oddly happy
that i'm not
angry like him
i'll have to
remember this guy
next time
i try to write
a poem

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