Monday, April 27, 2009

day twenty-six: Time zoned

met jane
in newport kentucky
good times
her phone number
on the matchbook
her smile
on his mind

called jane
he in newport
she in cincinnati
meet me at denny's
at eight o' clock
she says yes
jim gets dressed

time difference
one hour
jane waits
sinking into
the padded booth
muzak plays on
ice tea refills
smoking section

the smoke hangs
suspended animation
jim arrives
jane sees him
time difference
big mistake
already known
at a glance

jim surveys the scene
in the slo-mo denny's
cigarette butts
in the ashtray
the ice tea glass
tells him
he screwed up

but she smiles
thinks quietly
of playful
in jest
lets it all pass
he said i'm sorry
and meant it

they talk for hours
way past midnight
jim relaxes
jane smiles

he knows
a sign
of true love
is to wait
and another
is to
easily be

and she knows
it was worth
the extra hour
and even
putting up
with that
iced tea

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