Sunday, April 5, 2009

day four: Mighty Thylacine!

Mighty Thylacine!
All Hail!
Tasmanian Tiger
Goofy Marsupial Wolf
Striped Opossum
Doggie of Downunder
It is you at last!

Idiot farmers
their hot shotguns belching
stinking up the air
all smoke and noise with
their killing toys

centuries of
the hunt
you running madly
with your young
in heated pouches
and somehow
you made them feel safe

millions of you died
and they called you extinct
but you were smarter
you knew the way

so all hail the mighty thylacine
but don't say a word
because while being
the hunted one
the cause célèbre
everyone knows
the hardest thing to do
is to disappear

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