Saturday, April 25, 2009

day twenty-four: p.s. please care for my dogs

the dining car was empty
there i sat down
to take my
hard-earned rest
dizzy lack of sleep
burning all my senses
my heart
still pounding
as I sat down
and rolled a smoke

pocket watch said 8 0'clock
new york by 1 a.m.
glad this rumbling car
is deserted
i can hardly stand
the sight of strangers

does he see me?
he moves down the hall
as if he has
a place to go
in a hurry
the fool knows nothing
nor will he
he's stumbles to an early bed
and to his own mistress fair

the food was fine
thought i barely
could take a bite
the coffee
burned like fire
hadn't eaten in
nearly two days
so glad that horse
made himself easy
to borrow
for my
hasty escape
i abandoned him
where i know
others will
soon care for him
he was truly
a good horse

still cannot sleep
as lights
flash through
dirty windows
like my life
my station
is nearing
now my next move
is at hand
to board the
large quiet boat
sail across
the atlantic
where i shall

edgar allan poe
was a damned liar
there was no tell-tale sound
from under my floorboards
as i had been
crazy enough
to fear
while i sealed away
my wife no longer
and her surprised
young lover
to god's
vengeful judgement

my only wish
besides my own
continued luck
and safe travels
is that someone
feeds and cares
for my dogs
it is for them
that i am most
that i shall never
see the sweet
wag of their tails
or hear
their friendly
welcoming barks

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