Wednesday, April 29, 2009

day twenty-eight: Sestina: beware false paths

tinny music through an old loudspeaker
weary from a long time walking
too many people gathering too many stones
but they'd not had the taste
for using them. they instead waited like cats
in high grass, distracted by the promise of cool running water

all can be healed by the water
it was said to the masses by the speaker
he vibrated, he levitated, he held a siamese cat
but soon the people grew bored, and were again walking
in their mouths they craved a sweeter, instantly gratifying taste
driving their dangerous journey across twisted roads of jagged stones

no one expected them to throw their stones
too busy were they in giving their crops water
their paintings and other art forms showed developed taste
again i woke abruptly to the sound of that loudspeaker
a voice selling new ways of breathing running and walking
ignoring this, i decided it was time to feed my cat

the attention and fresh food seemed to please my cat
although to me its food looked like small stones
out of the room i nearly walked
when i realized i should also give her more water
while on tv, a speaker
advertised their product's new improved taste

bitter tears were all the tv protagonist could taste
that lame show seemed to disturb even my poor cat
as emotional words poured from the television speaker
endless like a quarry's falling stones
flowing like tainted water
and i suddenly longed to again start walking

but i grew weary from the walk
and was reminded of exhaustion's taste
i went to the refrigerator for a bottle of water
i smiled at my now-sleeping cat
oblivious to gathering collections of jagged stones
or the cacophony of the tv speaker

but soon the droning speaker himself found himself walking
and the people decided gathering stones was not to their taste
the lure of aggression was no match for strength and stillness, like a cat is drawn to life-quenching water.

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