Monday, April 13, 2009

day twelve: So we decided to drive

So we decided to drive
that early April morning
scrape the ice off the windshield
full tank of gas
and we were headed west
not planning to return

cold even for april
turn the heat on full
we're riding in that
1973 red monte carlo
that belonged to your dad

i'll do some driving
we're past chicago now
and st louis is up ahead
the arch
still far away
will soon be
a memory

like another country
much too far
yet less than halfway
amarillo appears
pitch dark and
trading driving frequently
to guard against dozing
but neither of us
could stay awake
flophouse motel
side of the road
we caught five hours
then large coffees to go

i'd never seen stars as big
as the ones
in the arizona sky
they smile on everyone
and made us feel welcome
at home
at last

and now the sun
stretches its warm arms
across california
another tank full
let's make the last leg
in record time

freeways were crazy
millions of cars
going the same way
to los angeles
now we're there at last

what was frost
51 hours ago
now fragrant flowers
and hot sun
the jacuzzi on the condo roof
the radio blasting

might just be a nice vacation
come back and start again
but we know
it's worth the gamble
just to sit
breathe in the warm dry air
and think about the promise
of our new lives

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