Thursday, April 23, 2009

day twenty-three: With an air of regret

the phone rings
"hey, did you hear about..."
and soon
there they were
standing outside
the funeral parlor
smoking cigarettes
the bearded one
said he was getting
all misty

with an air of regret
in familiar voice
someone else said
the only time
any of them
get together
is when one of them
and they all
nod in agreement
flicking their ashes

they soon go to
the bar
down the street
the powdered corpse
still on display
in their minds
something to forget

they tip a few
show off snapshots
wives and kids
vacations somewhere
smiles & laughter

they talk of their lives
how they earn a living
the factory shutdowns
and of course
the old days
younger days

it is time
to go back home
they exchange their
business cards
handshakes & hugs
deep wishes
and turn away
worn shoes walking
across dark pavement
getting into cars
closing doors
not to see
each other
a few years later
the phone rings
"hey, did you hear about..."

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